Ordering Terms & Conditions

Please note that upon completing your Credit Card order, the total of your transaction will be immediately drafted from your account. After the delivery is made, any credit or balance due will be processed to your account within 3-7 business days.

If you receive a delivery of less than 150 gallons there will be a $35 small delivery charge in addition to the price per gallon. If you require a Prime & Start, you must choose that option in the drop down box, there will be an additional $35 fee.

If your delivery and billing addresses are not the same, we will charge tax on the delivery.

A credit refund will be issued to the customer’s account if there is not room in the tank for the full amount of oil purchased, no refunds will be given on oil that has been deposited in the tank.

By submitting an order through TheOilClub.com, you the customer, are responsible for all finance charges, late fees, legal fees, and collection costs that occur should a balance become delinquent. This also includes third party collection agency fees.