Frequently Asked Questions

Is this high-quality heating oil?

Yes! Your heating oil will be delivered by a reputable oil company in your area which has been selected and approved by

How can you guarantee the lowest price in my delivery area?

Unlike small, independent oil companies, our combined buying power enables us to give you the best price possible.

What if the price changes after I place my order?

Upon approval of your credit card withdrawal, we lock in your price. You will be billed the price shown on your email confirmation, even if the price goes up in the mean time.

How soon can I get my heating oil?

Most oil deliveries are made within 2-3 business days under normal weather and operational conditions. Please be aware that deliveries are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. If you are very low on oil, you can elect our same day delivery or next business day delivery options for an added fee. Your delivery date will be stated in your confirmation email and a receipt will be left at your door by the delivery person.

Do I have to be home to receive my heating oil?

No, however the driver must have ready access to your heating oil fill pipe and you must have an operating vent alarm (whistle). Please shovel out your fill pipe during inclement weather so the driver has clear access. The driver will leave a copy of the delivery ticket, including the number of gallons delivered and price per gallon.

Is there a minimum amount of gallons I must order?

In order to give you the lowest price, we require a minimum order of 150 gallons. If you receive a delivery less than 150 gallons there will be a $35 small delivery charge in addition to the price per gallon.

Can I use my debit card for payment?

Yes! Oil Club will be glad to accept debit cards however, in some recent cases, we have seen banks “hold” your pre-authorization. This practice resulted in a double charge to our customer’s account for as long as 3 days. While we enjoy the convenience of debit cards, we want to alert you to this practice with some banks. Please check with your bank.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes! When you place an order your information is stored in an encrypted format for your safety and security.

When will I be charged for my delivery?

Your credit or debit card will be charged upon clicking the submit order button. If your tank takes less oil than originally purchased you will receive a credit refund within 7 business days.

Why am I not receiving my confirmation emails from The Oil Club?

You may need to check your bulk/spam mail bin. Most email providers are similar: check in your options/Anti-Spam or bulk email and change the settings. If this does not correct the issue you may need to contact the provider. In the meantime please contact us and we will access your account for you.

Are there any other fees?

If you receive the number of gallons you have ordered, there are no other fees. Our pricing schedule contains volume discounts, so larger deliveries receive lower prices. If your tank takes a smaller quantity than you ordered, your price per gallon may be higher. Our minimum delivery is 150 gallons so if you receive a delivery of less than 150 gallons, you will be charged for a $35 small delivery charge, in addition to the price per gallon. We also offer same day delivery and next business day delivery for an added fee.

Why did I receive less oil than I ordered?

Most likely it is because there was not enough room in your oil tank. Every tank is, or should be, equipped with a vent alarm (whistle). The driver must stop pumping oil when the whistle stops, in order to prevent a potential oil release on your property. When the whistle stops there is always some space left in your tank. This head room is by design of the manufactures and is done for safety and environmental reasons. For example, a 275 gallon tank has a useable capacity of about 256 gallons.

Why did I receive more oil than I ordered?

You should not receive more oil than you ordered unless you authorized that additional gallons to be delivered. If you receive more gallons than you ordered, you should contact The Oil Club at

Is Saturday considered a business day?

No. Monday through Friday are considered normal business days. However, during the heating season, don’t be surprised if you receive your delivery on Saturday, or even Sunday.

What about my privacy? ensures you that they do not sell or distribute their customer list.

What should I do if I am out of oil or have no heat?

There are several things you should do to make sure your family is safe and secure:

1. Make sure that your tank is actually out of oil and your situation is not caused by some other problem. If you have oil, but no heat, you should contact your local heating contractor for service. We recommend Harned Durham Energy for all your home comfort needs.To schedule service please call 610-965-3424, or visit the website at

2. If you already placed an order, check your emailed order confirmation to view your estimated delivery date.

3. If your delivery is not planned for that day send an email to stating that you have no heat and ask if it is possible to have your order delivered sooner. We will contact the delivering dealer to try and have your order expedited. Then we will email you a response.

4. Many homeowners have supplemental heat sources, such as wood stoves, fireplaces or electric space heaters. Please use all these heating appliances in a safe manner.

5. If desired, you can add diesel fuel or kerosene to your heating oil tank. Both of these fuels are safe to use and are distillates, just like heating oil, but are further refined. You can obtain diesel fuel or kerosene from many local fueling stations. Depending upon temperatures and the size of your home, 5 to 10 gallons will heat your home for one or more days.

What does “abnormal weather and operational conditions” mean?

Abnormal weather refers to typical weather conditions expected for that time of the year. Unusual weather conditions that could cause delivery delays can include:

  • Poor driving conditions caused by rain, snow, wind, ice, sleet, ect.
  • Weather conditions that slow delivery times such as snow or ice on the ground and in driveways and parking lots, wind and temperatures that cause equipment slowdowns.
  • Below average temperatures over more than 2 days in a row which cause a significant increase in demand in a short period of time.
  • Threat or prediction of storms which may cause significant increase in order volume.
  • Abnormal operational conditions can include:
    • Mechanical breakdown or malfunctions.
    • Labor actions, such as work stoppages, work slowdowns or strikes that negatively impact the ability for a company to conduct their normal business activity.

Delivery companies plan their staffing, fuel supplies, trucks and other delivery assets to accommodate the demand for deliveries under normal conditions. When abnormal conditions occur, which causes increased demand and /or a slowdown in the company’s ability to operate in an efficient manner, delivery delays may occur.